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Lebanon/Israel - ICRC Bulletin 09/2006

04-08-2006 Operational Update No 06/09

Latest report on ICRC activities in the field

 Assistance provided for medical facilities  

In the last few days, ICRC health teams have delivered vital medical supplies for the treatment of war-wounded and chronically ill persons in Marjayoun and Jezzine. The hospital in Marjayoun received injection materials, dressings, dialysis supplies, catheters, surgical gloves, antibiotics and drugs for surgery and anaesthesia. The hospital in Jezzine (east of Sidon) received disinfectants, injection materials and dressings. The dispensary run by the Lebanese Red Cross Society in the same town, which generally treats chronic cases, was supplied with drugs for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other illnesses.

 Delivery of fuel and food aid  

On 2 August, a team proceeding from Tyre supplied 9,000 litres of fuel for the running of essential civilian infrastructure, namely the hospital in Tibnin (south-east of Tyre), the Lebanese Red Cross dispensary in the same town and water pumps in Tibnin and the surrounding villages of Kafra, Aita Jebel, Kaddata and Tiri. Water is one of the foremost concerns of people in the villages that the ICRC has been able to reach in the past few weeks.

The same team distributed 6,634 ready-to-eat meals and 125 blankets in the same villages and another team distributed 650 family food parcels to displaced persons in Tyre.

 Ship unloaded in port of Tyre  

On 3 August, teams began unloading an ICRC ship that had arrived in the port of Tyre the day before with 100 tonnes of ready-to-eat meals, sleeping mats, blankets, water and sanitation equipment, jerrycans and baby food.

 Lebanese Red Cross evacuates wounded and collects bodies  

Between 12 July and 3 August, Lebanese Red Cross staff, who remain on high alert, evacuated 576 wounded persons, transported 3,923 medical cases and collected 221 bodies.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Annick Bouvier, ICRC Geneva, tel: +41 22 730 2458 or +41 79 217 3224  

 Hicham Hassan, ICRC Beirut, tel: +961 1 739 297 or +961 35 42 839  

 Roland Huguenin, ICRC Tyre, tel: +961 709 305 90