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Lebanon/Israel - ICRC Bulletin 04/2006

25-07-2006 Operational Update

Latest report on ICRC activities in the field (24-25 July 2006)

© ICRC / Carine Roth 
ICRC relief goods being loaded onto a chartered plane at Geneva airport. 

  The ICRC logistics centre in Nairobi will be providing more relief items for Lebanon. 

© ICRC / Frédéric Joly 
ICRC logistics facilities in Larnaca. 

 First ICRC emergency aid deliveries by sea reach Beirut as airlift expands  

Thirty-four tonnes of ICRC emergency items arrived in Beirut by ferry today. Following recent truck convoys from Amman, this was the first ICRC aid to reach Lebanon by sea. Further such deliveries are planned for the coming days as an ICRC ship is due to begin ferrying relief from Larnaca on Friday.

During the last three days, aircraft chartered by the ICRC have delivered 90 tonnes of relief, including sleeping mats, blankets and tarpaulins. This evening, a plane will leave Geneva for Amman with 20,000 blankets. More flights are expected in the coming days.

An ICRC convoy left Amman for Beirut this morning. In addition, two ICRC trucks from Beirut reached Tyre this afternoon with 1,300 food rations.

The ICRC is sending supplies into Lebanon mainly from logistics bases in Amman and Larnaca. “By the end of the week, we expect to get enough foodstuffs into the country to cover the needs of 10,000 families for one week, and enough other emergency supplies for one month,” said Geneva-based ICRC logistician Christophe Hanbye. “It is difficult to obtain enough food supplies at such short notice, but we are confident we will manage to do so. We are also already preparing for the next phase.”

Other ICRC emergency supplies will be airlifted from Nairobi. A cargo flight will leave the Kenyan capital tonight bound for Larnaca with 42 tonnes of cooking utensils. The cups, plates, knives, fork s, spoons, cooking pots and frying pans – all manufactured and purchased in Kenya – are enough for 4,000 people. Additional flights are scheduled for next week.

“This is a big change,” said Thomas Macharia, a Kenyan technician who will be based in Beirut for the next three months. “Normally Africa receives help, but this time we can give help. This is a source of pride for us.”

 For further information on the logistics base in Larnaca, please contact Frédéric Joli, ICRC Larnaca (tel. +33 6 81 87 01 73), until the end of the week.  

 Activities in southern Lebanon  

ICRC staff today visited villages in the Marjayoun area and southwards along the Israeli border as far as Aitaroun to assess health, water and food needs. In the Tyre area, another team assessed the situation in villages near the Blue Line, including the village of Srifa.

 Red Cross / Red Crescent action  

Since the beginning of the crisis, Lebanese Red Cross Society ambulances have taken 348 wounded people to hospital and removed 79 dead. Red Cross vehicles have also evacuated 1,814 people in cases of serious need. The Society is also providing medical care for internally displaced persons all over the country.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Dorothea Krimitsas, ICRC Geneva, tel. +41 22 730 25 90 or +41 79 251 93 18  

 Hicham Hassan, ICRC Beirut, tel. +961 1 739 297 or +961 35 42 839  

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