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International Day of Families: families of the missing deserve special attention

15-05-2007 News Release

On the UN's International Day of Families (15 May), the ICRC in Kathmandu has called for special attention to be given to the plight of some 800 Nepalese families who remain without news of their missing loved ones.

 The following press release was issued by the ICRC in Kathmandu on 15 May 2007:  


" Today is a day to recognise the importance of families and the families of missing persons in Nepal deserve special attention. More than 800 families are still without any news of the fate of their loved ones. Their suffering needs to be alleviated, " said Mary Werntz, head of the ICRC in Nepal. 

The ICRC continues to encourage the government of Nepal to act in accordance with the agreement made by the 7-Party Alliance and the CPN-M on 8 November 2006 to establish a High Level Commission to be in charge of the question of the missing persons and their families.

To help work towards the resolution of this painful humanitarian issue, the ICRC stands ready to provide its experience and expertise in this area and calls for action by the government

On 15 February 2007 the ICRC published its list of people still reported missing. It asked the families of missing persons and the public to check the list and to contact the nearest Red Cross office with any additional information about missing people. Since that time, 131 families have contacted the ICRC and the Nepal Red Cross Society with information on missing persons.

 For further information, please contact:  

 Raoul Forster, ICRC Kathmandu, tel: +977 1 4482285 or + 977 98510 34638