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Lebanon: ICRC calls on fighters to spare civilians in Tripoli

24-05-2013 News Release 13/101

Beirut (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross is very concerned about the humanitarian consequences of the current armed violence in Tripoli and calls on everyone involved to avoid harming civilians.

"Armed violence in a densely-populated urban area like Tripoli will inevitably affect the safety and well-being of people living there. We call on all sides to allow the injured immediate and safe access to hospitals, to refrain from harming civilians and to allow people to leave the areas affected by the violence," said Jürg Montani, head of the ICRC delegation in Lebanon.

The ICRC also calls on those involved in the clashes to facilitate the neutral and impartial humanitarian work of the Lebanese Red Cross in evacuating the sick and wounded.

”All sides must respect the Red Cross emblem,” emphasized Mr Montani. “In concrete terms, this means allowing ambulance services and humanitarian workers to do their jobs. Obstructing or attacking medical personnel and the emergency services prevents them from saving lives and offering much-needed assistance."

For further information, please contact:
Samar el Kadi, ICRC Beirut, tel. +961 70 153 928
Basma Tabaja, ICRC Beirut, tel. +961 70 163 462