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Weapon contamination manual

Reducing the impact of explosive remnants of war and landmines through field activities

21-09-2007 Publication Ref. 0921

This manual has been written to act as the ICRC’s Institutional reference on mine action, as a basis for ICRC mine action training and to provide guidance for those working in delegations where weapon-contamination is an issue. The manual consists of three books and it outlines a broad and flexible approach which includes rapid response, multisectoral approach (the application of assistance and protection to reduce impact) and cooperation/capacity building.

Book I: Weapon contamination environment

Book I provides an overview of the key issues to consider as a basis for operational decision making.


1. Weapon contamination and its consequences   

2. Legal context   

3. Mine action actors   

4. Management tools and coordination mechanisms   

5. Mine action coordination structures
  Book I (6600kb)

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Book II: Planning, implementing and monitoring activities

Book II provides an overview of the ICRC’s role in different weapon contamination contexts, and guidance on how to assess the needs and develop appropriate strategies and objectives.
  1. Approaches and activities
  2. Weapon contamiInatiIon scenarios
  3. Determining vulnerabiIliIty
  4. Taking action

  Book II (1900kb)

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Book III: Reference material

Book III contains a range of reference material, including: guidance on data gathering/analysis, risk education and survey/clearance ; cooperation and capacity building ; legal texts and guidance on their application ; dealing with human remains in contaminated areas ; glossary
  1 Technical reference section
  2 Cooperation and capacity building
  3 Legal documents and guidance
  4 Clearance and human remains
  5 Glossaries, abbreviations and useful websites
Book III (1900kb)
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  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2007
  • Production locations: Geneva
  • Languages available: English only
  • Type of product: Book
  • Price: CHF 25.-
  • Reference: 0921