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War wounds of limbs : surgical management

31-12-1993 Publication Ref. 2121 Robin M. Coupland

Seventy percent of all war wounded patients present with wounds of limbs. This book addresses the realities of managing limb wounds whether in the admission room or the operating table or in the ward. Written in a clear and didactic style with numerous clinical illustrations, War wounds of limbs : surgical management guides the surgeon through the understanding of war wounds, his role in the management, the complications and difficulties encountered and the rehabilitation of the patient.

  • Author(s): Robin M. Coupland
  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 1993
  • Languages available: English
  • Type of product: Book
  • Price: CHF 15.-
  • Reference: 2121

101 pp., photos, 19,5 x 25 cm

Published by Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford