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Council of Delegates 1995: Resolution 7

02-12-1995 Resolution

Financing of the ICRC by National Societies

Council of Delegates of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Geneva, Switzerland, 1 - 2 December 1995

The Council of Delegates,

having taken note of the report submitted by the Commission for the Financing of the ICRC,

 being aware of the ever-increasing responsibilities of the Movement as a whole, and of the ICRC in particular, as regards implementing and promoting international humanitarian law and coping with the considerable expansion in operational activities stemming therefrom,

 recalling the resolutions of successive International Conferences since 1948 and that of the Council of Delegates in 1991,

 wishing to indicate its support for the ICRC in the pursuance of objectives to which the entire Movement is dedicated and which reflect the solidarity of all its components,

1.  renews for two years the mandate of the Commission for the Financing of the ICRC, founded on the initiative of five National Societies;

2.  appoints,  as new members of the Commission, the National Societies of the Republic of Korea, Hungary, Lebanon and Zimbabwe;

3.  confirms the mandate of the National Societies of Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Japan, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and Sierra Leone;

4.  requests the Commission to review its role and working methods and to decide, together with the ICRC, upon the most appropriate procedures;

5.  thanks the National Societies that provide support for the work of the ICRC;

6.  urges all National Societies to take part in the effort to help the victims whom the ICRC has been mandated to protect and assist;

7.  requests the Commission to report to it during the next meeting of the Council of Delegates in 1997.