World Red Cross Red Crescent Day - "Together for Humanity", 8 May 2007


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One of the cornerstones of the work carried out by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is cooperation.

It is by working together and working with others that we are able to rapidly respond to disasters and ensure that people receive protection and assistance during conflicts.

We know from long experience in dealing with crises that no single government or organization alone can tackle the rising challenges posed by catastrophes, conflicts, health emergencies, poverty and migration.  

It will take solid coordination and better partnerships at all levels, including governments, donors, humanitarian agencies, the private sector and individuals, in order to reduce the impact of wars, disasters and disease, while making vulnerable communities stronger and safer.

From eradicating measles and polio to protecting millions of people from malaria, we have learned that our efforts are more effective when we join forces with others. We also know that communities ar e far more resilient when their members work together to prepare for disasters, by building bridges, storing drinking water and learning first aid.

Within our own unique network of Red Cross and Red Crescent staff and volunteers, cooperation is key to helping refugees and internally displaced people during times of conflict and violence, as well as bringing comfort and hope to families searching for their missing loved ones.

We must therefore continue to strengthen our connection with communities, while forming local and global alliances that will encourage peace, stability, good health, social and economic development, and respect for diversity.

On this World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, we urge all members of society to protect life, health and human dignity, as we pledge to continue working together for humanity.

  Juan M. Suárez del Toro  

President of the International Federation

of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

 Jakob Kellenberger  

President of the International

Committee of the Red Cross Societies