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Iraq: Daily bulletin - 3 April 2003

03-04-2003 Operational Update

Latest reports from ICRC staff in Baghdad and Basra

 GENERAL (2 April)


The day and night were marked by intense bombardments in Baghdad. Movements of the population were limited as a consequence.

Major bombing on buildings opposite the headquarters of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) caused indirect limited damage on various IRCS buildings, including a maternity hospital which had been evacuated a few days ago. No serious injuries were reported in any of the IRCS buildings. The IRCS's administrative headquarters will now be operating out of Al-Razi hospital.

After two weeks marked by heavy fighting, the ICRC remains extremely concerned by the situation of the civilian population in towns and rural areas close to the front lines, particularly south of Baghdad (including Nasiriya, Najaf and Kerbala).

 BAGHDAD (2 April)

 Assistance to hospitals  

The ICRC continued repairs to the water- and power-supply systems in 7 hospitals and provided 10,000 1-litre bags of drinking water to 2 hospitals (Al-Qadissiyah and Ibn Al-Nafees)

At Al-Hilla surgical hospital (60 km from Baghdad) medical needs remain acute. The ICRC is currently assessing the security environment to prepare additional emergency medical assistance.

Elsewhere, to the west of Baghdad, a convoy reached Falluja and Ramadi to provide assistance to local hospitals, including 400 blankets and 10,000 1-litre bags of drinking water. So far these hospitals have not been overwhelmed and are functioning normally.


The ICRC continues to transport additional drinking water to 13 water-distribution stations installed by the ICRC in some suburbs of Baghdad as well as parts of the city poorly supplied by the water network.

 BASRA (2 April)


Water tankers continued emergency distribution of drinking water in the 3 main hospitals.

The Wafa'Al-Qaed pumping station is now operating with 6 back-up generators.



Southern region:   two important water-treatment plants (Shaebe and Al-Zubayr) were back in operation following work carried out by ICRC technicians and local engineers from Basra. More than 80,000 beneficiaries who have been without piped water since 22.03 are now served again, including people in Safwan.

 Prisoners of war  

Visits continued to Iraqi prisoners of war held by the coalition forces in southern Iraq.

 Medical activities  

Please be informed that tomorrow (Friday 4 April) there will be a convoy of humanitarian aid leaving Kuwait for southern Iraq, comprising two truckloads of medical supplies (i.v. fluid, suture materials and surgical equipment), blankets and water bladders for hospitals in Basra caring for the war-wounded.