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Ethiopia : Over 700,000 people affected by drought and conflict receive urgently needed aid

24-04-2003 Operational Update

In a race against time to avert a major famine, the ICRC has completed the first stage of an emergency food and seed distribution in remote areas of Ethiopia at high risk from drought.

Up to the end of March, just before the start of the first rainy season of the year, around 1,700 tonnes of seed and 22,000 tonnes of food were distributed.

It was one of the ICRC's biggest logistical operations in recent years, involving some 200 of its own staff and 400 from the Ethiopian Red Cross, warehouses in 14 locations and 150 trucks.

Altogether about 700,000 people are covered by the operation, in a north-south swathe running through the centre of the country, including conflict-prone areas. Food distributions will continue in the most vulnerable areas until the harvests are complete.

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