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Sudan: ICRC continues to bring assistance to Darfur

18-06-2004 Operational Update

In March 2004, the ICRC, in collaboration with the Sudanese Red Crescent, resumed its activities across Darfur providing emergency assistance in locations with the most pressing need. The following are the main tasks completed by the ICRC/SRCS between March and May 2004.

 Northern Darfur  


  • ICRC took a lead role in laying out a camp site at Abshok, near El Fasher, with the installation of water facilities (80 m3 per day to be increased to 280m3 per day)

  • Relocation of 35,000 people from Meshtel to Abshok camp, providing essential basic material (tarpaulin, blankets, kitchen sets, shelter, clothes, mosquito nets, soap)

  • Lead role in laying out a camp site at Kassab, near Kutum, with essential basic material distributed to around 15,000 people

  • Construction of a borehole in Meshtel delivering 80m3 per day

  • Delivery of surgical and orthopaedic material to El Fasher hospital

  • Rehabilitation work at Kutum hospital, including the installation of a new generator, repair of the electricity network and improvement of the water supply 

  • Maintenance of 4 wells in Kebkabiya

  • 254 tracing requests collected and 39 separated children registered in Kutum, El Fasher and Kebkabiya.


 Southern Darfur  

  • Ongoing sanitation work in Nyala hospital

  • Supply of drugs, dressing and surgical material to Nyala hospital

  • Surgical team supporting Sudanese teams in Nyala hospital

  • Technical and Human resources support to the new orthopaedic centre in Nyala

  • About 300 tracing requests collected and 10 separated children registered

 Western Darfur  

  • Distribution of essential basic material to 5,000 displaced persons in Zalingei

  • Sanitation work in the hospital of Zalingei

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