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International Review of the Red Cross

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Established in 1869, the International Review of the Red Cross is a quarterly journal published by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Cambridge University Press. It is a forum for debate on international humanitarian law and humanitarian action and policy, during armed conflict and other situations of violence. It is dedicated to governments, international governmental and non-governmental organisations, universities, the media and all those interested in humanitarian issues at large. On-line copies of the Review dating back to 1995 are available.

A selection of articles from the International Review of the Red Cross are also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and  Spanish.

Latest issue No. 891/892

THEME - Multinational operations and the law

Download pdfPDF 17 MB Multilateral operations - most commonly peacekeeping operations under UN command and control, via regional organizations, or some combination of the two - have traditionally focused on monitoring and reporting on ceasefires or peace agreements. Today, they are given increasingly robust mandates, going so far as to authorize the use of force under certain circumstances. This issue of the Review examines a number of legal and humanitarian challenges related to multinational operations, including: the applicability of international humanitarian law and other legal regimes, the legal classification of situations involving multinational forces, the status of peacekeepers, interoperability difficulties, detention, attribution of responsibility, as well as humanitarian engagement with multinational forces.
By article: Multinational operations and the law - issue No. 891/892

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