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Future themes of the International Review of the Red Cross 2014 – 2015


Upcoming issues of the Review

The following themes will be explored in the Review in the year 2014/2015:

  • Multinational operations and the law  
  • Scope of application of international humanitarian law
  • Sexual violence in armed conflict
  • Generating respect for the law: Vols I & II

Call for papers

The following list of topics indicates areas of reflection, debate and critical analysis for contributions to the Review. Within the parameters of the journal’s aim, topics may be examined from a historical, legal, political, military-security, psycho-sociological or humanitarian perspective, taking either a general or a regional approach. The points of interest mentioned below by no means exhaust the various subjects that could be addressed in relation to the future themes.

Each theme is accompanied by the foreseen publication date and deadline for submission. For further information a see also our Guidelines for authors

Humanitarian principles
Submissions deadline: 1 December 2014

Possible topics to be explored:

  • What are humanitarian principles and what is their fundamental purpose?
  • The ethics of humanitarian action & the role of humanitarian principles
  • Operationalizing humanitarian principles in practice : case studies on concrete operational challenges
  • Perspectives on humanitarian principles (military, State, National Societies, other humanitarian actors, etc.)

The humanitarian consequences of nuclear, radioactive, biological and chemical weapons 
Submissions deadline: 1 January 2015

Possible topics to be explored:

  • The definition of NRBC weapons
  • The state of the existing multilateral framework on nuclear weapons
  • The risk of nuclear detonation and nuclear accidents
  • State and civil society perspectives on  NRBC weapons
  • Non-state actors’ possible use of NRBC weapons
  • Safety obligations in the radiological, biological and chemical industry
  • The humanitarian response to NRBC weapons

The evolution of warfare since World War I
Submissions deadline: 1 March 2015

Possible topics to be explored:

  • Trends in the evolution of conflicts since World War I
  • The challenges to IHL posed by the constant evolution of conflicts /means of warfare
  • How have humanitarian actors adapted their response to conflicts & crises since World War I ?
  • The notion of death in war (deaths of combatants; civilian deaths)