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International Review of the Red Cross, 2012 - No 887 – Business, violence and conflict

The International Review of the Red Cross is a quarterly published by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Cambridge University Press.


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Issue No. 887 – 2012

Theme - Business, violence and conflict

Download pdfPDF 6 MB Businesses can have both positive and negative effects on communities in conflict-affected or high-risk areas. They may contribute to the violence, but they may also be the victims of it, or even assist in the relief and prevention of further violence. This issue of the Review examines the relationship between business and conflict, the rules that regulate companies' activities in the context of conflict, efforts to highlight the rights and responsibilities of companies, States and civil society in this field and the options open to humanitarian agencies that want to enter into dialogue with companies.
By article: Business, violence and conflict - issue No. 887

Table of contents


Business meets conflict: only risks or also opportunities?

  • Business actors in armed conflict: towards a new humanitarian agenda
    Hugo Slim
    The purpose of this article is to give an overview of current understandings of the various roles of business actors in armed conflict. It traces the expanding discussion of business and conflict in today’s civil wars, and the discussion’s importance to humanitarian, human rights, corporate and peacebuilding policymakers.
  • The role of business in armed violence reduction and prevention
    Dr Achim Wennmann
    This article looks at business activities in violent and fragile environments through an armed violence lens and explores the role of business in armed violence reduction and prevention (AVRP) strategies.

Business and the law - in armed conflict and other situations of violence

The practice

Opinion note

Q&A: International humanitarian law and business

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