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Relations between the ICRC and the private sector

29-10-2010 Overview

The section on private sector relations explains the principles that guide the ICRC's relations with the private sector, relations that aim to promote humanitarian principles with companies operating in war-prone areas and enhance the ICRC's capacity to help the victims of war, by establishing mutually beneficial strategic partnerships based on clear ethical criteria.

With the advance of globalization, the private sector is playing an increasingly prominent role in international relations.

The ICRC has two clear objectives in building relations with the private sector:

  • to promote humanitarian principles with companies operating in war-prone areas;
  • to enhance its capacity to help the victims of war by establishing strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial and based on clear ethical criteria.

The business community has taken several initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility, and companies are approaching the ICRC with a view to supporting its humanitarian activities. The ICRC has also contacted several firms to benefit from exchanges of know how that contribute to the development of humanitarian action in the field. The ICRC and a group of selected Swiss companies set up a Corporate Support Group in 2005, establishing an innovative and long-term partnership.

As a result of geographical and commercial interests, some companies find themselves increasingly involved in situations where conflicts are taking place. The ICRC is establishing a dialogue at headquarters and field levels with the aim of promoting fundamental humanitarian principles that are relevant to companies in such situations.



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