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Social research on war

Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Kivu, Goma.

The ICRC has long done social research studies on public attitudes toward international humanitarian law. In 2009, the organization carried out an opinion survey and in-depth research on the impact of armed conflict on civilians and behaviour during armed conflict. The results give a powerful insight into the experiences and opinions of civilians coping with some of the most harrowing situations in the world. By making public the results of its research, the ICRC aims to contribute to local and international expertise on strategies to prevent violations of humanitarian law.

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Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine

  • Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine
    What makes people behave the way they do in war?

    The dissemination of international humanitarian law has long been a priority for the ICRC, and many National Societies are also active in its promotion. But is it really possible to influence those who, directly or indirectly, are actors in war? Are there ways to change their perceptions and behaviour? A recent ICRC study attempted to find some answers - Article published in the Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine, No 2, 2004