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Facts and figures

18-01-2013 Facts and Figures

Key Points

During 2012, the ICRC ...

  • carried out 41 prison visits involving 3,500 prisoners, monitoring the cases of 242 of them individually;
  • facilitated the transfer of 15 detainees following their release.
  • supported Gao Hospital (which treated over 1,300 people in 2012) by making a seven-person medical/surgical team available and by providing medicines and other medical supplies;
  • maintained the water supply for the 115,000 residents of Gao, Kidal and Tombouctou, by supplying diesel to run water-pumping stations;
  • distributed food and other essential supplies to over 700,000 people in the regions of Gao, Timbuktu, Kidal and Mopti;
  • supported the national vaccination campaign involving over 1.12 million animals, plus the treatment of almost 580,000 animals in the north.
  • briefed over 600 members of the armed forces and armed groups on international humanitarian law.

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