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The ICRC in Armenia

07-06-2012 Overview

In Armenia, the ICRC focuses on helping missing persons and their families, mine victims and the communities living along the international border with Azerbaijan. The organization also visits detainees held for conflict related or security reasons, and detainees who are otherwise vulnerable.


The ICRC has been working in Armenia since 1992, in relation to the unresolved Nagorny Karabakh conflict. The organization monitors the situation of civilians through field visits to areas along the international border with Azerbaijan. The ICRC provides material assistance to communities suffering the consequences of the conflict and discusses their concerns with the authorities. The organization continues to visit detainees held for conflict related or security reasons. Whenever the parties to the conflict ask it to do so, the ICRC as a neutral intermediary in the repatriation of prisoners of war and civilian Internees.

Missing persons

One of the ICRC’s roles in Armenia is to create the conditions for clarifying the fate of missing persons. Families of missing persons receive psychological support, vocational support and material assistance. The delegation also supports the authorities’ efforts to enhance the legal rights of families of missing persons.

International humanitarian law

ICRC delegates hold regular meetings with the authorities to discuss Armenia’s accession to and ratification of international humanitarian law treaties. The organization encourages the integration of IHL into the training of the armed forces and works with partner universities to promote IHL among students and professors.

Cooperation with the Armenian Red Cross

In addition to its operational partnership with the Armenian Red Cross in such areas as tracing missing persons, helping their families and collecting data on victims of land mines and other remnants of war, the ICRC is helping to enhance the National Society's capabilities in the areas of restoring family links, the dissemination of IHL and first-aid training.



Armenia, Yerevan. Mothers show pictures of their sons who have disappeared.
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