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The ICRC delegation in Brussels

The ICRC delegation in Brussels covers the European Union, NATO, certain European armed forces and Belgium. It also supports ICRC headquarters in its dialogue with the Council of Europe and the OSCE. The delegation's objective is to ensure that decision-makers in these bodies perceive the ICRC as the main reference point for neutral and independent humanitarian action. Read the full overview.


  • Rwanda: 20 years on

    Twenty years on from the genocide committed in Rwanda, the immense suffering endured during those 100 days must not be forgotten. Neither the passage of time nor any other factor must be allowed to diminish efforts to prevent the recurrence of such appalling crimes. It is in this spirit of remembrance and prevention that the ICRC has brought together here documents from the archives that demonstrate the full horror of those 100 days.

  • Belgium: Introductory seminar for students on international humanitarian law

    The College of Europe and the ICRC recently held their eleventh introductory seminar on international humanitarian law for students. The event ran from 24 to 26 March, and focused on implementation of IHL by the European Union.

  • Brussels, Belgium. Speakers at the first panel session of the ICRC/EUISS colloquium on urban violence discuss the operational and legal challenges that arise during urban violence. Belgium: urban violence and humanitarian challenges

    This report is based on a colloquium on urban violence and humanitarian challenges organized by the ICRC and the European Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) that took place on 19 January 2012 in Brussels.

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