The role of the Central Tracing Agency and National Societies in tracing activities and the reuniting of families

31-12-1986 Article, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 256

25th International Conference of the Red Cross, Geneva, 23 to 31 October 1986, Resolution 16

The Twenty-fifth International Conference of the Red Cross,

 acknowledging the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's responsibility in helping to re-establish or maintain contact between members of families separated as a consequence of armed conflicts, tensions or natural disasters,

 recalling the role which the Central Tracing Agency (CTA) of the ICRC plays as a co-ordinator and technical adviser to National Societies and governments, as defined in the report presented by the ICRC and the League and adopted by the Twenty-fourth International Conference of the Red Cross,

 noting that progress in this area has already been made throughout the Movement,

 noting furthermore the steady increase throughout the world of situations resulting in mass movements of people and loss of any contact between family members,

 recognizing that, in order to take effective action, the Movement must be able to rely on a sound network composed of all the National Societies'tracing services and the CTA, in liaiso n, when necessary, with the League Secretariat,

 1. emphasizes the mandate entrusted to the CTA by the Twenty-fourth Conference, congratulates it on the initiatives already taken and encourages it to continue its efforts to co-ordinate activities, to harmonize operating principles and working methods, and to train responsible tracing personnel,

 2. congratulates National Societies which have worked towards reuniting separated families and calls on them to pursue their efforts,

 3. requests all National Societies to carry out to the best of their capacity the role which they are called upon to play as components of the international network for tracing and reuniting families,

 4. asks governments to facilitate the work of the Movement in this domain by giving it all necessary support.