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Cambridge UK: British Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Summer School

30-05-2014 Event

14 - 17 September 2014, Madgalene College, Cambridge. The British Red Cross will hold its biennial Summer School on International Humanitarian Law in September 2014. This residential course is aimed at people with a professional interest in the practical application of IHL.

Event Info

Where: Magdalene College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

When: 14.09.2014-17.09.2014

The course is intended to provide a general understanding of IHL and will cover the principles and rules and their practical application. Topics will include the history and development of IHL, basic principles and protected groups, prisoners of war and detainees, conduct of hostilities, human rights and IHL, non-international armed conflicts, implementation and enforcement, IHL in Africa, and the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Individuals with an interest in international humanitarian law are warmly invited to attend. Past participants have included armed forces personnel, government officials, university lecturers and students, staff of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), journalists, and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Society volunteers and staff from outside the UK. The course is offered on a residential basis (with accommodation and meals at the college included), at a cost of £350.
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