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18-02-2011 Event

Senior Workshop on International Rules governing Military Operations – 2011

Event Info

Where: South Africa, Saldanha

When: 26.06.2011-02.07.2011


In 2011, SWIRMO will for the first time take place on the African continent. It will be held at the Military Academy in Saldanha, South Africa, in cooperation with the South African National Defence Force.

In 2011, SWIRMO will concentrate on three central legal themes: deprivation of liberty in military operations, the conduct of hostilities in armed conflict, and law enforcement operations.

SWIRMO 2011 invitations are being processed though selected defence ministries. The ICRC and the South African National Defence Force look forward to welcoming participants to Saldanha for this event.

Andrew J. Carswell
SWIRMO Director