Israel and the occupied territories: facts and figures, January - October 2012

31-10-2012 Facts and Figures

Between the beginning of January and the end of October 2012, the ICRC:

  •    visited over 10,000 people detained by Israel or the Palestinian authorities;
  • closely monitored the medical situation of some 2,000 detainees who were on hunger strike between March and May;
  • arranged for 66,700 people from the occupied territories to visit 5,100 relatives in Israeli places of detention;
  • arranged for 621 people from Gaza to visit 365 relatives in Israeli places of detention during the pilot visits that started in July 2012 following a five-year suspension of visits to detainees by families living in Gaza;
  • improved sanitary conditions for over 390,000 people and assisted over 8,600 impoverished people through cash-for-work projects in Gaza;
  • distributed essential household items to over 800 people in the West Bank and Gaza after their houses had been destroyed;
  • supplied 230 tonnes of medical supplies and 300,000 litres of fuel to key hospitals in Gaza;
       helped the Artificial Limb and Polio Centre in Gaza to treat more than 2,550 patients, over 500 of whom also received physiotherapy;
  • facilitated access to land in areas affected by movement restrictions;
  • assisted people after their houses had been destroyed in the West Bank;
  • supported the emergency medical services of the Palestine Red Crescent Society and the Magen David Adom in Israel;
  • briefed Israeli armed and security forces, Palestinian law-enforcement officials, media and members of civil society on the work of the ICRC, on international humanitarian law and on human rights.