Safer Access: Rising to the challenge


National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the globe find themselves facing growing challenges when carrying out their humanitarian mission in sensitive and insecure contexts. Many courageous and dedicated National Society staff and volunteers have even lost their lives while performing their duties.

Some National Societies are encountering difficulties for the first time as previously stable or peaceful countries experience unexpected turmoil or armed conflict. Others find their working environments becoming increasingly complicated and dangerous, with new threats to the security of their personnel and thus to their ability to provide assistance and protection for the people and communities who need them most.

The Safer Access Framework proposes a structured approach to meeting the challenges of operating in sensitive and insecure contexts, drawing on the extensive experience and good practice of many National Societies. It presents a number of specific actions and measures that, allied with strict adherence to the Fundamental Principles, a National Society can take to reduce risks and earn the trust and acceptance of those who control access to people and communities with humanitarian needs and, crucially, of the people and communities themselves.

Some of the actions and measures are ideally taken during peacetime in order to facilitate safer access in more turbulent times. The Framework is therefore relevant to all National Societies regardless of their immediate circumstances.

Practical resources

The Safer Access Practical Resource Pack is a set of print, audiovisual and electronic resources to help National Societies apply the Safer Access Framework in their everyday work – either in preparation for or in the midst of a humanitarian response.

The Resource Pack includes the following components: