Animated film on Dr Junod gets worldwide airing

31-07-2014 Feature

On 9 August, 69 years to the day after an atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, an animated film entitled "Dr Junod – Putting Humanity First" will be broadcast worldwide via the NHK World television network.

The film showcases the life of Dr Marcel Junod (1904-1961), a groundbreaking and courageous humanitarian. He worked tirelessly for the ICRC throughout his career, treating chemical weapons victims in Ethiopia, and persuading warring parties to exchange prisoners of war during the Spanish Civil War. In Japan, he was the first foreign doctor to see the devastating effects of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima in 1945. After this experience, he wrote in his diary: "I have no doubt about it: the world is today confronted with a choice – to continue to exist, or to be annihilated if that bomb is used again…"  Today in Japan, Dr Junod is held in high esteem for his help to the sick and dying in Hiroshima.

The 50-minute film supplemented with a short documentary appeals to young and old alike with its colourful 'manga' style and dramatic but accessible narrative. The story is told through the eyes of two little girls who visit Hiroshima on a school trip and find themselves going on a journey back in time to find out about the life of a man who always put humanity first.

"Dr Junod – Putting Humanity First" will be shown four times on 9 August. The broadcast schedule is available on NHK World's official website

NHK World, the English channel of Japan's sole public television network, provides international broadcast service throughout the world. The film was funded by the Junod Animation Production Committee, a group of Hiroshima doctors who want to pay tribute to this dedicated humanitarian. The English version was produced by ICRC headquarters in 2013.

For further information, please contact:
Hitomi Makabe, ICRC Tokyo, tel: +81 80 4142 9723