Canada and the USA: News and Notes, March 2009

31-03-2009 Field Newsletter

In this newsletter, we bring you an interview with Juan-Pedro Schärer, who heads the ICRC's Iraq delegation. We also share the latest information on our colleagues abducted in the Philippines two months ago. Finally, we provide links to resources marking International Women's Day, celebrated on 8 March, and World Water Day, coming up on 22 March.

 In this issue:  

  • Interview with Juan-Pedro Schärer, ICRC Head of Delegation - Iraq

  • Philippines: ICRC Says Safety of Kidnapped Staff is Paramount

  • War Victims Need Better Access to Water and Sanitation

  • Women Need Safer Access to Health Care in War Situations
    ... and the latest ICRC news from around the globe.

  ICRC Canada/USA Field Newsletter, March 2009  

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