Canada and the USA: News and Notes, October 2010

31-10-2010 Field Newsletter

The ICRC Regional Delegation for the United States and Canada brings you the latest news from Afghanistan, where the number of war casualties at the ICRC-supported hospital in Kandahar has reached a new high. We turn our attention to the recently completed ICRC study on IHL. Romain Bircher shares his thoughts on technology and the ICRC's work to reconnect family members separated by armed conflict. Finally, the nomination period has started for the Florence Nightingale Medal.

 In this issue:  

  • Afghanistan: war casualties soar in Kandahar hospital
  • Is the law of war suited to today's conflicts?
  • Ask the ICRC: taking your IHL questions
  • Interview with Romain Bircher, head of the Data Management and Restoring Family Links Unit
  • Florence Nightingale Medal: seeking your nominations

... and the latest ICRC news from around the globe.


ICRC Canada/USA Field Newsletter, October 2010