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Eastern Slavonia: young people work together

19-06-1996 News Release 96/24

To pave the way for greater stability in the Srem-Baranja region, the ICRC has recently initiated a community-based project there promoting dialogue between young Croatians and Serbs. Its objective is to encourage young people on both sides of the former confrontation line to respect and care for others, motivating them to set up Red Cross youth structures in their schools.

Volunteer teachers from every primary and secondary school in the region will be trained to act as catalysts for the project, introducing their students to Red Cross ideas and helping them to organize humanitarian activities for their communities. Such widespread promotion of humanitarian behaviour in schools will help build bridges between young Croatians and Serbs, thereby encouraging them to seek solutions together for problems common to both communities.

Two workshops have already been organized for fifty teachers from the Slavonski Brod, Vinkovci and Zupanja municipalities, who are now actively enlisting the support of young people for Red Cross activities.  In Srem-Baranja, the first workshop for 25 Serb teachers will be held in the next few weeks.