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Tajikistan: More victims

07-05-1998 News Release 98/18

Fighting last week 12 km east of the Tajik capital Dushanbe claimed the lives of dozens of people, mostly civilians. The ICRC acted immediately to provide assistance for the wounded at medical facilities in the city. Staff at ICRC warehouses and a limb-fitting centre in the combat zone were evacuated. Once calm had been restored, aid work resumed.

Several dozen people were also killed at the end of April in landslides caused by melting snow and torrential rain which lashed the Garm valley in central Tajikistan. Coordinating its activities with other international organizations, the ICRC distributed food and blankets to 68 stricken families. Garm hospital also received medical assistance.

The ICRC has been working in Tajikistan since the end of 1992, with the focus on assistance to detainees and medical aid to hospitals. Years of conflict between government and opposition plus an unprecedented economic crisis have brought the country to its knees.