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Brazil: Military police receive instruction in human rights and humanitarian law

17-09-1998 News Release 98/37

The first course on human rights and international humanitarian law for members of the military police, organized by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the ICRC, was held from 31 August to 18 September at the National Police Academy in Brasilia. It brought together 21 officers who are to serve as instructors and dissemination officers within the military police force.

During the second half of this two-phase programme, scheduled from 5 October to 18 December, the 21 new instructors will be giving 20 similar courses to train a further 300 military police instructors throughout the country.

The courses teach participants techniques to limit the use of force and firearms in carrying out police duties, one of the main objectives being to ensure protection of the public at large and the physical safety of both police officers and suspects.