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Costa Rica: Agreement signed with Inter-American Court of Human Rights

24-08-2000 News Release 00/32

On 18 August, in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, the ICRC regional delegate for Central America and the Caribbean and the President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights signed a cooperation agreement providing for the exchange of documents between the two institutions. The ICRC and the Court will thus be able to assist each other in their efforts to ensure that people receive the protection that is due to them in all circumstances, in particular through the dissemination and implementation of human rights law and international humanitarian law. The agreement, which will serve as a frame of reference for the exchange of information and legal documents and for the training of judges and Court staff in international humanitarian law, is one of a series of measures designed to strengthen the inter-American system for the protection of human rights.

At the signing ceremony, which took place in the main courtroom in the presence of the president, the vice-president, the judges and the court clerk and staff, the Court and the ICRC carried out a symbolic exchange of documents. An initial meeting between ICRC legal experts and the lawyers who work at the Court is scheduled for mid-September.