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Peru: New show for young people

15-09-2000 News Release 00/35

This year the ICRC delegation in Lima has produced a new show for schoolchildren aged between 11 and 13 and is putting it on in secondary schools with the help of the Peruvian Red Cross. The show for the year 2000 highlights ideas such as saying no to discrimination, violence and the use of weapons, observance of the rules of peaceful coexistence, and promotion of voluntary work for one's own community, especially through the branch of the National Society.

The production consists of short sketches in which the characters dress up, play musical instruments, dance and sing songs to put their message across. The words of the songs are simple and direct, and are designed to make the young audience think about these important and topical matters. One of the most striking features of the show is that the songs are sung to rhythms such as Argentine sambas, Peruvian waltzes and marineras, tunes from the Andes, and even a tango!

The performers identify closely with the message they are conveying and establish a warm and dynamic relationship with the youngsters, who end up singing along. At the end of the show, an ICRC delegate and members of the branch of the Peruvian Red Cross accompanying the production launch a discussion and answer the countless questions asked by this curious and enthusiastic audience.