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Argentina: Strengthening international humanitarian law

23-08-2001 News Release 01/33

On 16 August a seminar on strengthening international humanitarian law was held in Buenos Aires to mark the anniversary of the adoption on 12 August of the 1949 Geneva Conventions.

The seminar, organized jointly by the ICRC and the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, was attended by some 140 participants from government, parliamentary, judicial, academic, diplomatic and military circles. The discussions centred on recent developments and challenges in the fields of humanitarian law and humanitarian action. Special emphasis was placed on international criminal responsibility and ICRC initiatives concerning restrictions on the use of certain conventional weapons.

Also attended by the Secretary of State for Worship and the Under-Secretary of State for External Policy, who gave the closing address, the seminar included presentations by the Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ICRC regional delegate, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee in charge of defining the crime of aggression in the Statute of the International Criminal Court, a professor of humanitarian law from the University of Buenos Aires and a senior representative of the Office of the Judge Advocate General of the armed forces.