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Macedonia: ICRC delivers hygiene and baby parcels to medical centres

17-04-2002 News Release

ICRC Skopje (17.04.02) - An assistance programme is presently underway targeting children, elderly people and mentally ill patients in medical centres throughout Macedonia. On 15th April the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) started a distribution of hygiene and baby parcels donated by the German Red Cross to several medical centres in the western and eastern part of the country. Thanks to the stabilization of the situation in the country, the ICRC has been able to reduce its emergency stocks and distribute additional relief items to those persons who are still most in need.

Over the coming days, trucks will be delivering a total of almost 8,000 baby parcels, notably to hospitals in Bitola, Gevgelija, Kumanovo, Stip, Tetovo and Veles. These parcels contain items for baby care, such as baby soap, powder, cotton diapers, blankets and thermometers. They are intended for young children receiving medical stationary treatment in pediatric wards. This one-off distribution is aimed at helping medical centres in their daily tasks by supplying basic hygiene items. Mirjana Ipsa, Field Officer in the ICRC health department, adds: " These items will help relieve the medical centres'budgets, allowing them to channel a part of their income on medicine or other expenses. " The Pediatric clinic in Skopje is receiving over 2,900 parcels. The home in Bitola for abandoned children and the Pediatric hospital in Kozle are included in this programme.

At the same time, over 3,500 hygiene parcels will also be delivered to different health institutions in Skopje and around the country. An orphanage, a geriatric hospital and mental institutions are among the beneficiaries who will receive ma inly soap, shampoo, toothpaste and washing powder. The category of people concerned by this list were particularly affected by the economic impact of the conflict.