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Argentina: TV campaign to promote humanitarian law

12-09-2002 News Release 02/37

The ICRC regional delegation in Buenos Aires has launched a TV campaign to promote the basic rules of international humanitarian law, with a view to encouraging their observance in situations of armed conflict and internal violence. The campaign targets opinion-makers and the general public throughout southern Latin America.

The one-minute spot, entitled Apariciones , starts with a written message: " Conflicts, armed violence and terrorist acts take the lives of countless innocent people. " There follow a number of scenes from everyday life portraying families in various parts of the world who have lost a loved one. While the voice-over reminds listeners of a basic rule of humanitarian law (e.g. the need to distinguish at all times between military objectives and civilian objects), a picture of the absent person gradually fades into view, the implication being that he or she would still be among us had the rule been observed. Through the slogan " Let's work together so that more lives can be spared " , viewers are encouraged to support the campaign. The spot ends with a reminder that humanitarian law must be honoured by all.

The campaign was launched in August on 15 Argentinean TV stations, which have been showing the spot for free around five times a day. It is soon to be aired on news channels broadcasting to all Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas.