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Asia-Pacific region: Training the trainers in international law

27-09-2002 News Release 02/39

The first-ever "train-the-trainers" course for police and security forces in the Asia-Pacific region was successfully completed on 19 September.

The ICRC regional delegation for the Pacific facilitated the participation of 18 qualified trainers, who returned to their home countries well versed in international humanitarian law and human rights law.

An ICRC delegate to police and security forces conducted the course in cooperation with the Fiji Police Academy, which is helping to implement the ICRC's regional training approach. Police forces in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea have received training in humanitarian and human rights law since 1997, and those in Fiji since 2001. Police officers from each of these countries and from New Zealand took part in the course just completed.

The ICRC regional delegation particularly welcomed the participation of police from the four Melanesian States (Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Fiji) in view of the unrest that has plagued their countries in recent years. Their involvement in the course represents a positive step towards a closer relationship between the ICRC and police and security forces in the region.