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Argentina: Seminar to strengthen the implementation of humanitarian law

17-10-2002 News Release 02/42

On 7 October the ICRC regional delegation in Buenos Aires, in cooperation with the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, held a seminar aimed at strengthening the implementation of international humanitarian law nationally.

The seminar was attended by 230 people, including 28 parliamentarians and their legal advisers, senior government representatives, members of academic and military circles and students.

The main aim of the seminar was achieved, namely to increase the commitment of the legislative authorities to the adoption of national measures for the implementation of humanitarian law. Such measures are necessary to ensure that the rules of that body of law are incorporated into the national legal order.

The seminar split up into working groups that addressed a range of subjects, including the levels of precedence of various treaties for the protection of the individual, parliamentary action regarding the adoption of national implementation measures, the experiences of the interministerial committees on humanitarian law set up by Argentina and Chile and the Argentinean project to promote the implementation of the Rome Statute. The last working group examined legislative tasks still to be tackled, such as the adoption of a law protecting the Red Cross emblem and a review of the Military Code of Justice.

The ICRC hopes that this event will serve to draw the attention of the National Congress to the importance of humanitarian issues and facilitate the approval of pending legislation in this area.