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Belgium : Bruges Colloquium 2002: Relevance of international humanitarian law to non-State actors

31-10-2002 News Release 02/44

The third annual colloquium on international humanitarian law, jointly organized by the ICRC and the College of Europe, was held in Bruges on 25 and 26 October.

The colloquium, which brought together nearly 100 diplomats, military officers, EU and NATO officials, academics and representatives of civil society, examined the relevance of humanitarian law to non-State actors.

Non-State actors are playing an increasingly important role on the international scene, in a number of different areas. Be they infra- or supra-State actors, they operate, or can operate, in contexts to which international humanitarian law applies. Moreover, the relevance of humanitarian law to certain specific situations is currently the object of much debate.

A special issue of the College of Europe's journal will be devoted to the colloquium.

  Opening Address by Professor Anne Petitpierre, ICRC Vice-President