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Solomon Islands: Aid in wake of Cyclone Zoe

07-01-2003 News Release 03/01

Cyclone Zoe, with wind speeds reaching up to 300 km/h, was one of the most devastating ever to hit the Pacific region. The islands most affected are Tikopia and Anuta, with an estimated total population of 2,000.

A recent aerial survey showed widespread destruction of homes and crops, although a full assessment has yet to be carried out.The Solomon Islands Red Cross, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies working through its regional delegation in Fiji, have been at the forefront of relief efforts. Their staff, having arrived on the spot by boat, are currently carrying out an evaluation of needs and will provide assistance for the victims in the coming days.

The role of the ICRC regional delegation for the Pacific, which had been present in the Solomon Islands in recent years assisting victims of armed violence, is essentially to provide support for the local Red Cross. The delegation has already contributed 100 family parcels – containing tarpaulins, cooking utensils, fishing tools, hoes, seed and blankets – which are to be handed over to the disaster-stricken islanders.

 Further information: ICRC Geneva,  

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