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ICRC completes rehabilitation of sanitary installations in a Kyrgyz prison

07-04-2005 News Release

The following was issued as a press release by the ICRC in Bishkek on 7 April

The ICRC and the General Directorate for the Execution of Punishment of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic (GUIN) has conducted a ceremony to mark the successful rehabilitation of the sanitary infrastructure in a prison near the village of Moldovanovka.

Started in 2004, the project was designed to provide the detainees with improved sanitary conditions which, in turn, should have a long-term positive impact on the detainees'health. Under ICRC supervision, a construction team improved the water-supply and sewage systems of the prison by replacing water pipes and installing new water tanks. Workers also completely reconstructed 3 kitchens and 8 shower facilities and built 3 new toilets units.

It is hoped that the completion of this project will be followed by other initiatives to address similar issues in other penitentiary establishments and therefore contribute to the reduction of the spread of tuberculosis inside places of detention and wider society.