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ICRC president on official visit to Saudi Arabia

15-05-2005 News Release 05/25

Geneva (ICRC) – Jakob Kellenberger, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has arrived in Riyadh today for an official visit during which he will hold talks with the crown prince, deputy prime minister and commander of the National Guard, the second deputy prime minister, minister of defence and aviation and inspector general, as well as other personalities from the government, the Shura Council and the Saudi Arabian Red Crescent Society.

The ICRC president's second visit since 2003 illustrates the importance the organization attaches to its relationship with Saudi Arabia and its desire to develop and enhance dialogue and cooperation with this country. The humanitarian situation in the Middle East and the challenges facing the ICRC in 2005 will be major topics of the talks with the Saudi leaders. Some of the ICRC's most extensive and delicate humanitarian operations take place in the Arab world (Sudan, Iraq and the occupied and autonomous Palestinian territories).

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