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ICRC launches new film series "From the Field"

08-05-2006 News Release 06/23

Abrand new seriesof eight-minutefilmshasbeenproducedbyICRCfortelevisionbroadcast and viewing online.

Launched this week, the From the Field series is filmed by ICRC news cameramen who have access to conflict zones and emergency situations that are often off-limits to journalists.

The films show how war and violence affect the lives of ordinary people all over the world, and the efforts of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to bring them relief. 

Focusing on a specific location or emergency, the films tell the human stories behind the headlines. How does it feel to be captured and then escape from armed fighters? What is it like to live without a regular water supply or basic medical care? How do families forced to abandon their homes survive from day to day?

The series is available in French, English and international versions, and in DVD and professional broadcast formats. New titles are in regular production.

New titles:

 Darfur: Living in the Shadow of Conflict (also available in Arabic)

 Pakistan: Saving Lives in Kashmir  

 Nepal: Trapped between Two Sides  

 Darfur: The Civilian Victims (also available in Arabic)

 Indonesia/Sri Lanka: After the Tsunami  

 Uganda: Forgotten Victims  

Out soon:

 Yemen: Family Messages, a Lifeline  

 Angola: The Scars of Conflict  

 Afghanistan: Surviving the Peace  

For more information and to view the films online, visit the ICRC website at:  

 For broadcast format copies, please contact:  

Virginie Miranda  , ICRC video news producer, Geneva
tel: +41 22 730 2511 or (mobile) +41 79 251 93 14