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Kosovo: New meeting of working group on missing persons

03-10-2005 News Release 05/73

On 6 October the ICRC will be chairing the next session of the working group on persons who are unaccounted for in connection with events in Kosovo between January 1998 and December 2000.

The meeting, to be held in Belgrade, will bring together representatives of the Belgrade and Pristina authorities as well as various observers. The working group meets under the auspices of the United Nations secretary-general's special representative for Kosovo and is chaired by the ICRC in its capacity as a neutral intermediary. This will be the group's fourth meeting in total and the third this year.

The mandate of the working group is to find and forward to the families information on the fate and whereabouts of persons unaccounted for. There is a pressing need for progress regarding this tragedy and the families have a right to know. The authorities on both sides are duty-bound to do everything in their power to resolve this issue.

According to the working group's provisional list issued after its last meeting on 9 June, the number of persons unaccounted for stands at 2,716, compared with 2,919 three months earlier.

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