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Uganda: Army officers attend international humanitarian law course

29-08-2007 News Release 07/19

Thirty officers from the 2nd Division of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) are currently participating in a three-day basic training course on international humanitarian law in Kasese district, west of the capital Kampala.

The officers are drawn from units covering western Uganda, bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an area that has witnessed growing border tension in the recent past.

The UPDF instructors running the course have been trained in international humanitarian law – also known as the Law of Armed Conflict – by the ICRC. The training addresses the principles of proportionality and distinction in combat, behaviour during military action and preventing harm to civilians and people no longer engaged in fighting.

The course is part of a training programme jointly organized by the ICRC and the UPDF. Two similar events took place in the east and the north of Uganda, in November 2006 and April 2007.

The ICRC promotes international humanitarian law throughout the world, endeavouring to make the basic principles of the law known to all who bear weapons. In Uganda, as elsewhere, the ICRC carries out its exclusively humanitarian activities in an impartial, independent and neutral manner.

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