Philippines: professors discuss humanitarian law

16-05-2011 News Release 11/116

Manila (ICRC) – Law professors from across the Philippines will discuss the latest in international humanitarian law at the first IHL Professors' Convention in Davao City on 17 and 18 May.

The conference will provide updates on such issues as the passage of legislation making genocide, crimes against humanity and breaches of IHL offences under Philippine law. The 30 participants include professors of political science and public administration from key Philippine universities.

"We hope this convention will encourage academics to devote more time to IHL in their teaching. It is very important for students, especially those taking up law, to learn about the law of armed conflict and how it applies to the Philippine context," explained ICRC legal adviser Evecar Cruz-Ferrer.

All law schools in the Philippines teach IHL as part of international law, while seven universities offer IHL as a separate subject.

Prominent IHL professors and lawyers speaking at the convention will include Dean Raul Pangalangan, Dean Sedfrey Candelaria, Prof. Harry Roque Jr. Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino and Hilton Aguja.

ICRC regional legal adviser Richard Desgagne will present a new ICRC study on non-international armed conflict and explain how the organization supports the implementation of IHL, while Cruz-Ferrer will talk about the ICRC’s role in teaching IHL and getting it incorporated into national legislation and practice.

As Evecar Cruz-Ferrer pointed out, "The convention demonstrates that academics are committed to strengthening compliance with IHL, in a country affected by decades of armed conflict."
The ICRC is a humanitarian, neutral and impartial organization that strives to assist and protect victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. As guardian of IHL, the ICRC reminds parties to the conflict of their obligations under this branch of law, and participates in the development of IHL.

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