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Turkmenistan: ICRC visits prison

13-04-2012 News Release

Ashgabat (ICRC) - On 7 April, a group of ICRC delegates including a doctor visited a prison under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The day before, the ICRC delegates had visited the construction site of a new prison.

During their stay in Ashgabat, the delegates discussed with officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the nature and timeframe of further steps in the process of cooperation between Turkmenistan and the ICRC. In July 2011, for the first time, the authorities had invited the ICRC to visit a medical institution managed by the penitentiary administration under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The ICRC has been in Turkmenistan since 1992, where it is engaged in dialogue with the authorities on the promotion of international humanitarian law and its integration in national legislation. The organization also supports the Red Crescent of Turkmenistan, especially in the fields of restoring family links and promoting IHL.

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