ICRC audio podcast channels


What are the ICRC podcast channels?

The two ICRC podcast channels on the iTunes Store (in English and French, see the sidebar for the links) feature a series of short audio clips selected from our audio archives, illustrating the ICRC's activities in crises and conflicts over the last half a century and more. They are of various lengths and cover a wide range of topics; the only criterion is that we think the general public would be interested in a clip. In fact, our vast audio archive has recently been digitized, and we too are still discovering the hidden gems it contains. We try to get at least one new clip up per channel every two weeks.

How can I listen to the ICRC podcasts?

That depends on your platform and your podcatcher software. The most widely used software is iTunes. If you have an Android device, you can access the podcasts using applications capable of accessing the iTunes Store, such as iPP Podcast Player.

In addition to using the direct links, you can simply search the iTunes Store for "ICRC" (English) or "CICR" (French) and the podcasts will come up in the search results. Go ahead and listen to them, make sure to subscribe, and send us your feedback!

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are digital media files (most often audio, but they can be video as well), which are produced in a series, and which users can access and subscribe to using a piece of software called a podcatcher. Think of a podcast as a channel that contains the episodes of your favorite show, with new episodes being added as soon as they are produced.

What is the iTunes Store?

The iTunes Store is an online platform for distributing media files, including audio podcasts. It is the biggest platform of its kind in the world. The "Store" in the name does not imply that you need to pay for anything; all ICRC content on the iTunes Store is free.