• Dr. Mohammed Shatat, Director of the dialysis department in Al-Shifa Hospital: “we have dealt with power crisis for five years, but we are having blackouts more frequently these past months. Because of interruption of electricity, all the machines will stop functioning immediately. This leads to blood closts in patients and they can get anaemia very easily. Therefore, we are in need to get medicine to increase the percentage of haemoglobin of patients."
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    • Many patients cannot get the health care they need. There is a lack of PKU milk powder for children. This milk protein powder aims to expand the food choices for people with phenylketonuria (PKU) - a metabolic genetic disorder. If phenylalanine builds up in a child's bloodstream, the child will suffer brain damage and become mentally retarded. "Without a change in the current situation, a further decline of the health system is unavoidable, thus putting at risk thousands of patients' treatment and long-term health outlook," said Eileen Daly, the ICRC's health coordinator.
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