Professional standards for protection work carried out by humanitarian and human rights actors in armed conflict and other situations of violence

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The Professional Standards for Protection Work (2nd edition) reflect shared thinking and common agreement among humanitarian and human rights agencies (UN, NGOs and Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement). The standards were adopted through an ICRC-led consultation process. They constitute a set of minimum standards for humanitarian and human rights agencies, and we would maintain that the standard of protection that an agency provides should not fall below those set out in this document.

This second edition takes account of changes in the environment in which protection activities are implemented providing standards and guidelines that meet the associated challenges.  

More specifically, it reflects developments in the following three fields over the past few years:

  • Data management and new technologies, taking into account the great potential that new technologies bring to protection work, but also the associated risks.
  • Interaction and dialogue between human rights and humanitarian protection agencies on the one hand and UN peacekeeping missions and other internationally-mandated military and police forces on the other.
  • The management of protection strategies – what we call results-based management.

See also: Adapting to new challenges to better protect people caught up in war or other violence

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