Expert meeting report."Incapacitating chemical agents":Law enforcement, human rights law and policy perspectives.

31-01-2013 PublicationRef. 4121

This publication is a summary report of the second and final ICRC expert meeting on so called "incapacitating chemical agents",which was held from 24 to 26 April 2012 in Montreux, Switzerland.

The expert meeting addressed further operational, medical, legal and policy questions associated with the use of these toxic chemicals as weapons for law enforcement.  It  brought together  31 government experts from 13 States, 15 independent experts and representatives from international organisations, and eight ICRC staff members.

This report comprises summaries by the speakers of their presentations, ICRC summaries of the discussions and a synthesis of the subject prepared by ICRC.  

The ICRC's synthesis describes the toxic chemicals in question, the relevant international law, the main risks, and the broad policy choices available to States.  It is also available as a separate publication. which was published by ICRC in September 2012.

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